Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Foods to Avoid as a Sufferer

The truth is that if you know hidradenitis suppurativa foods to avoid in your diet, you are almost close to getting healing from your acne inversa (another name for the skin disorder) permanently. A lot of sufferers don’t have this type of information except they are very active on the internet and have the opportunity to read lots of blog entries and articles on hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) on the web.

Majority of patients who consulted with their doctors and dermatologists have been made to believe that HS is an incurable skin disease, disorder or condition which they have to live with for the rest of their lives.  But this is not true at all! As of now, there are natural treatments for hidradenitis suppurativa created by ex-sufferers who self-experimented with themselves and had a breakthrough. You can read one of the product reviews here. This is a simple natural system developed by Therese Wilson called The Fast Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cure and it is in ebook PDF format.

With that said, there are two broad options HS sufferer has to observe in order to cure HS permanently. The first option is to make dietary changes while the second option is to make lifestyle changes. As you can guess, both options require sacrifice on your part because you may have to give up on your favourite foods, drinks and others.

However, it is safe, effective and of no side effects by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, the only hard part is your decision or resolve to change from your comfort foods to what your body really needs in order to stay healthy and happy.

In my previous blog post on the foods to avoid when you have hidradenitis suppurativa, I listed some foods in the nightshade family or group and whole grains as potential trigger items to steer clear from. These products have one or more unfriendly properties that will easily trigger flare-ups in your body. The easiest way to know your HS trigger foods is to keep a diary of what you eat, eliminate and introduce items that you suspect are your triggers from time to time in order to tamp down on what to avoid from your diet or meal plan.

Like I said before, hidradenitis suppurativa foods to avoid are mainly in the nightshades and whole grains groups. Although it is very expensive to continually stock your pantry with fresh produce, eating fresh foods and fruits that are low in fructose (i.e. sugar) is highly recommended. You must be willing to detox your body of processed foods so that you can live a healthy and happy life free of acne inversa.

Briefly, listed below are the basic changes you have to make to your diet and lifestyle.

Dietary Changes

  • Avoid foods in the nightshade family, e.g. potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco, goji berries, just to mention a few.

  • Avoid whole grains meals such as wheat, corn chips, flour, etc.

  • Eliminate processed foods in your diet or meal plan.

  • Eat fresh produce i.e. organic meats, fruits, vegetables, etc.

  • Eliminate or reduce the concentration of sugar in your diet.

  • Remove legumes and dairy products from your diet.

  • Avoid oily and fried foods.

  • Drop caffeine from your diet.

Lifestyle Changes

  • Stop alcohol intake.

  • Quit tobacco smoking.

  • Get yourself relaxed and have regular rest.

  • Exercise regularly.

  • You have to lose weight if you are obese or overweight.

If you read my Fast Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cure review and download the ebook PDF by Therese Wilson, you will find all the hidradenitis suppurativa foods to avoid. Best of all, you will have the opportunity to consult with her because every HS sufferer reacts differently to different types of HS trigger foods. But always remember that it is good nutrition and healthy lifestyle that will make your HS to go into remission and not come back.

To your health!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Foods to Avoid When You Have Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Before I list some of the foods to avoid when you have hidradenitis suppurativa, I want to briefly discuss other vital information you also need to know about this chronic skin disease known as acne inversa. Although scientific evidence is not conclusive yet about hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) disease, one can safely say that it is a heritable and autoimmune disease.

There are lots of sufferers out there who have confirmed that diet has a great role to play in curbing and managing HS. There are foods you can eat to boost your immune system in order to fight off frequent flare-ups and breakouts. You also have some foods to avoid when you have hidradenitis suppurativa. As a sufferer, you really need to be mindful of what to eat, drink or smoke.

For now, there is no permanent cure for HS in the medical field. It is all a regime of antibiotic medicines, incision and drainage and surgery. And there is a high chance of HS coming back with these treatments. Luckily enough, some daring ex-sufferers who felt that they cannot afford to live with HS pain and discomfort for the rest of their lives, took up the gauntlet, experimented with themselves and were able to create natural cures for hidradenitis suppurativa. A good example of such success story and breakthrough natural treatment is Fast Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cure ebook PDF by ThereseWilson.  

Most importantly, you should not take hook, line and sinker, the list of foods to avoid when you have hidradenitis suppurativa. The simple reason is that individuals are different. A specific food may easily trigger flare up in one person and it may not in another person. For instance, a sufferer in one of the health forums that I am a member said that smoking don’t cause any flare up in her. But majority of patients have confirmed that tobacco smoking is a triggering factor as far as they are concerned.

What this means is that you have to experiment with your diet and variety of foods by studying what you eat and drink so that you can know your trigger foods that cause flare-ups. You have to introduce and eliminate some specific foods from your menu from time to time in order to clearly understand your triggers because not every HS sufferer reacts to the same type of diet.

With that said, here is a rundown of hidradenitis suppurativa foods to avoid if you are a patient or sufferer.

  1. Foods in the nightshades family including potatoes, hot peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, tobacco, etc
  2. Wheat, corn chips, legumes, dairy products, etc   

In order to have a comprehensive list of all the foods to avoid when you have hidradenitis suppurativa click here.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Permanent Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment at Home Without Side Effects

Are you aware that there is permanent hidradenitis suppurativa treatment at home without having any side effects? Taking daily course of antibiotics will definitely not cure your hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) for good. It is merely a system to fight off infections and reduce the incidence and frequency of flare-ups and breakouts. You will still have depression to contend with because deep inside your mind, you know that the root cause of the chronic skin disease have not been taken care of.

In this blog post, I will expose you to information, facts and natural cure for hidradenitissuppurativa and I graciously advise you to follow the simple natural system so that you can have your life back in full. It is quite disheartening to consult with a doctor or dermatologist for a skin disorder like acne inversa and be told that it is an incurable disease and that you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

How will you continue to cope with the pain and discomfort associated with HS in 5, 10 or 20 years from now? What about the cost of taking prescription drugs and undergoing surgery that will be involved? And because of the debilitating and disabling nature of HS, your work and social life will be adversely affected too. If you are not at work regularly, it means you may not have enough money to keep buying drugs and visiting your personal doctor.

This is why treating hidradenitis suppurativa naturally and holistically is the best treatment for sufferers. There are no side effects, pains and discomfort associated with natural cure which is very common with orthodox medicine and treatments. The natural treatment is really about knowing the foods to eat, foods to avoid in your diet and understanding your “body chemistry.”

For example, a lot of people I conversed with in a number of health forums online confirmed that certain foods do trigger HS flare-ups and breakouts in their bodies. By simply avoiding these kinds of foods in their diet have helped them to improve their health considerably and to stay healthy.

If you download and read the Fast Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cure ebook by Therese Wilson, you will understand the simple dietary and lifestyle changes which you have to make to get your skin disease into complete remission. The author is an ex-sufferer who spent good seven years to research and come up with a simple way to treat HS skin disease holistically and it worked for her and others who used it.

The first step is to keep a food journal for yourself and determine the types of foods that trigger HS flare-ups in your body when you include them in your diet or meal. It is the best way to start your journey on a permanent natural hidradenitis suppurativa treatment.

The second step is to know specific nutrients, vitamins and minerals to include in your diet regularly. If you know the nutrients and natural extracts that your body needs and add them to your diet, you will be amazed how your body and skin will be rejuvenated fast. Your body will be able to fight off bacteria and “foreign bodies” that are detrimental to your health.

For instance, a lot of acne inversa sufferers discovered that foods in the nightshades family cause severe flare-ups in them. By simply avoiding nightshades in their diet, they have significantly kept HS from coming back. Some also discovered that there is a strong connection between sugar intake and the worsening of their hidradenitis suppurativa disease. So, you have to know the hidradenitis suppurativa foods to avoid by adding and removing certain foods from your meal from time to time.

The most outstanding discovery from my research is that HS seems to be an autoimmune disease and what you eat will considerably cause frequent breakouts if you have weak immune system. To this end, it is important that you understand and eat the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and happy.

If possible, you may get food allergy test from a naturopath in order to make it easy for you to determine the hidradenitis suppurativa foods to avoid. You are doing this essentially to know and discover the types of foods that cause inflammation and flare-ups in your body.

Click here to download a comprehensive hidradenitis suppurativa book. It is the best hidradenitis suppurativa treatment at home ebook PDF I found out to have helped a lot of sufferers. You will find proof and testimonials to demonstrate its efficacy on the official website.